October 28, 2016

Where to Grab Sushi in SOMA

Sushi is one of the fastest growing markets in the food business, helping to open many different varieties of restaurants in a single neighborhood. People love sushi because it’s fun to eat, somewhat healthy, and contains a large variety of different ingredients and combinations. Living in SOMA allows us to try multiple sushi spots, so Solaire has compiled a list of our favorite places in the neighborhood!


With a swanky interior and an accommodating staff, this sushi restaurant has quickly become a SOMA favorite amongst the locals. With a menu that is as beautifully created as it is delicious, everything that comes to the table here is a work of art. We encourage you to trust the chef and order “Omakase” — Japanese for “it’s up to you”.


Hiding out in the Metreon food court, this delicious sushi restaurant is a fun place to eat! It is both savory to the mouth and the wallet. Sanraku has an excellent choice of fish, and the chef decides what to serve depending on the best produce he has available that day. We suggest to try to sit at the bar for the full experience.

Kama Sushi SOMA

With its wonderful sushi, Ramen, udon and prices, this restaurant is the perfect place to call your regular sushi spot. Not only is Kama Sushi SOMA considered to be one of the most authentic sushi spots in the neighborhood, but they also offer amazing happy hour and lunch deals!


Sushi + Burrito = Sushirrito!  Sushirittos are the new upcoming addition to the raw fish family, and Sushirrito are fresh, big, and loaded with flavors that satisfy the taste buds. We suggest you try the Geisha’s Kiss if you like a little spice!

Sushi is the perfect meal during all times of the day, be it a quick lunch or romantic dinner. Living in SOMA gives you so many options for different types of raw fish, it will be hard to choose just one!


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