November 17, 2016

SOMA’s Best Ramen and Pho Restaurants

best ramen san francisco

As the weather rapidly cools down, it is now the perfect time of year to grab a delicious warm bowl of ramen or pho. If you’re like us, you’ve always wondered about the difference between these two.

Ramen stock is darker, richer and tends to be cloudy. It’s often made from pork bones cooked at a rolling boil, whereas the base for pho is traditionally made from beef. Scented with star anise, cinnamon, charred ginger, and simmered slowly, pho’s broth is clear and fragrant.

Is your mouth watering yet? Thankfully living in SOMA means that there are numerous delicious local spots to get your soup fix in. This week’s blog spotlights some of Solaire’s favorites!

Best Pho

DragonEats – Cheap and delicious Vietnamese sandwiches/bowls can be found at this local eatery, but their pho is exceptionally amazing. Since this is one of the best spots in SOMA for quick, clean, and cheap Vietnamese eats, the lines can sometimes get long.  Don’t be intimidated by them though, they go very fast and are very much worth the wait!
Perilla – This Vietnamese restaurant offers a few apps, noodle soup bowls, vermicelli bowls, and rice plates. The pho is always deliciously served in a huge portion, thus making it our go-to when we are very hungry. Another food secret is to try the garlic noodles, they’re to die for!

Best Ramen

Nojo Ramen – This is not traditional ramen since it’s all chicken choices, and every broth is delicious. They have quite a few very good appetizers as well, if you have room for them (the ramen itself is substantial). If the spicy ramen isn’t spicy enough, ask for the spice bomb, or red peppers in chili oil, to add.
Orenchi Beyond – Orenchi ramen is solid – great noodles and even better broth. The vibe at this spot is fantastic as well–great waiting area in the front to grab a beer and some shishito peppers or takoyak. Orenchi’s menu also has an extensive appetizer and bites menu also supplement the tasty tonkotsu broth ramen.

Living in the SOMA neighborhood lets us experience every type of ethnic dish, but we are especially fond of the Vietnamese category. San Francisco is a giant melting pot for all cultures and ethnicities, giving the city many food options to try.


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