January 29, 2017


We love living in SOMA because it gives access to some of the best cuisines in the country. With its plush couches for relaxing and wildly colorful decor to bring about a fun ambiance, one of favorite local restaurants in the area is Azucar Lounge. This delicious restaurant offers bottomless tacos and inexpensive pitchers of margaritas, boasting one of the most popular Taco Tuesdays in the neighborhood. We were lucky enough to connect with the masterminds behind Azucar to ask them what serving some of the best food in SOMA means to them:

How does SOMA measure up to other cities as a place that celebrates different types of cuisines? Do you find that the local people are generally excited about different styles of dining

SOMA is a great neighborhood for both nightlife and dining out.  There are so many different options – everything from food trucks, small family owned establishments to large corporate owned bars and restaurants.  Many people in SOMA and San Francisco in general are excited and more willing to try new restaurants with cuisines which they may not have tried before.  A few months ago I went to a Mexican themed event which featured tacos from restaurants located all over the City.  I was surprised to find tacos made from waxworms here in SF.  I wish I was more adventurous and could have tried them, but I couldn’t muster up the courage.  I was very amazed to find out that it was one of the first tacos to sell out for the night.


Guacamole and Mac con Queso

What is your favorite part about serving the SOMA area?

SOMA is an amazing place.  In the last five years we’ve seen our neighborhood change significantly with all the new people who now work and live in our neighborhood. We’ve made lots of great friends from people who now live and work in our neighborhood.  It’s amazing to be part of the lives of our new regulars.  We’ve been happy to be the location of many first dates, wedding receptions, baby showers, birthday and bachelorette/bachelor parties.  We’ve even had a couple of divorce parties too.  My absolute favorite part of being here in SOMA is how our neighborhood has grown to support us and make us part of their lives.  We had the honor of hosting a wedding reception for a couple who had their first date here.  A few other couples have had their first date here and now come back every year for their anniversary.  I love that there is such a strong connection with Azucar Lounge and our guests.

Do the people of SOMA typically enjoy the Mexican food? Is there a large Mexican influence in SF, or do you think you are one of the forerunners?

People in SOMA enjoy Mexican food, but for many years the options were limited in our neighborhood, especially when it comes to late night dining options.  When we opened our doors over 5 years ago the goal was to provide a quality Mexican inspired food and beverage at a reasonable cost available late night in a comfortable “home away from home” environment.  We use high quality ingredients and make just about everything in house (all the way down to the salsas).  While there is only one Azucar Lounge, I’d like to think of us as one of the forerunners to the current boom of Mexican restaurants our city is experiencing.

Churros and Azucar cocktail

What do you want the people of SOMA to know about Azucar- mission, new developments, new recipes, etc.

We are very excited to announce that we will be launching a limited lunch service Monday – Friday from 1130am – 2:30pm.  The idea is quick, easy and affordable items for lunch so that our guests can be out the door in under 45 minutes.

Finally, which of your dishes is your absolute favorite?

 My favorites vary depending on the day…  I often times will start with Guacamole or Queso Blanco followed by Carnitas Tacos and maybe Churros for dessert.  Today, it’s a little on the colder side, I’d have to say our Mac con Queso is the perfect food item for a day like today, paired with either bacon or crispy house made carnitas and I’m in heaven!

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