September 14, 2016

September San Francisco Transbay Updates

San Francisco Transbay

Public transportation in San Francisco is a crucial part of the solution to the city’s economic, energy, and environmental challenges – helping to bring a better quality of life.

In increasing numbers, people are using public transportation and local communities are expanding public transit services, such as the Transbay Transit Center.

The San Francisco Transit Center District Plan is a massive redevelopment plan for the neighborhood surrounding the Transbay Transit Center site, also known as SOMA. The new Transbay Transit Center will replace the since-demolished San Francisco Transbay Terminal, and new skyscrapers, such as Salesforce Tower, will take advantage of the height increases allowed through the Transit Center District Plan.

Despite concerns over the sinking Millennium Tower, a city committee approved spending $6.8 million to advance work on the neighboring Transbay Transit Center, an envisioned transit hub with a Caltrain extension and high-speed rail. The multi-billion dollar Transbay project would extend Caltrain to the transit center and planned high speed rail connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles by 2025. With the cost overruns and other snags resolved on Phase 1, Transbay is now focused on Phase 2 with a new estimate has the Phase 2 costing $3.9 billion, up from the 2013 estimate by $900 million. That includes a $161 million underground pedestrian walkway connecting Transbay Transit center to the Embarcadero BART station.

Public transportation is a safe and affordable way for the residents of San Francisco to commute that saves energy, reduces traffic congestion and helps the environment. We are excited for the progress that the Transbay Transit Center is making, and will keep you posted on all the updates!

For 24/7 updates and road closures, please visit Transbay’s website.


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