November 18, 2017

What To Do After Dinner on Thanksgiving Day Around SoMa

With a hearty Thanksgiving meal tucked away in your stomach, you might be looking for things to do – after all, there’s only so much snoring you can handle from Grandpa Joe. So what’s going on in SoMa? That’s the subject of our brand new blog, What To Do After Dinner on Thanksgiving Day Around SoMa!

How does a run/walk sound? There are a few in the area; including the San Francisco Turkey Trot. This one comes in 3 and 5 mile versions and can be found in Golden Gate Park. If you don’t race, you can just sign up to be a volunteer and help out those trotters with water and snacks. The Turkey Trot is a 5 mile run that promises to gobble up 600 calories. The Pilgrim Promenade is a 3 mile walk that will take half that much, and for children there’s a Kids Gobbler Chase that’s just 100 meters long.

Running from 10am to 6pm is Bridgewatch, where people can donate their time to save lives on the Golden Gate Bridge. Sadly this is the time of year depression affects a lot of people more severely and the Golden Gate Bridge has become synonomous with people who take their lives there. Bridgewatch allows volunteers to walk the bridge looking for potential jumpers and who can then inform the CHP. It’s a noble way to spend your Thanksgiving Day, even if just for a short while.

If you’re looking for just entertainment, then hit up Fisherman’s Wharf which is home to attractions like Musee Mecanique, Madame Tussad’s and the Aquarium. Stop by Pier 39, enjoy a walk through the Maritime National Historical Park, check out Ghirardelli Square and the USS Pampanito. There’s SO much to do here, you might be here through Christmas!

Wherever you decide to go after Thanksgiving Dinner, make sure you’re not driving under the influence, and wrap up warm! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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