January 6, 2018

The Best Yoga and Barre Studios in SoMa

Everyone wants the grace, strength and flexibility of a dancer. Even Aaron Judge, the towering, 6’7”, 282 lb. the right fielder for the New York Yankees reportedly uses yoga to power his swing. “It teaches him how to control his body,” his trainer explains, “It teaches him how to relax his body,” Newer routines, like the barre technique, utilize a series of yoga-like dance poses to create a workout that not only burns fat and builds muscle, but grants poise, balance and that “control” so sought after in Major League athletes.

If poise and control come in too-short supply in your scattered, San Francisco life, then serendipity has steered you to the right blog! These are the best yoga and barre studios in SoMa.


You could say Avant-Barre dances to the beat of its own drummer. The exclusive barre studio teaches a version of the technique truer to its rhythmic roots. The classes are set to music and the movements are said to combine “the creativity of dance, the intensity of modified plyometrics, and the serenity of active meditation.” Much like how vinyasa provides flow to the static poses of hatha yoga, Avant-Barre’s approach gives a little grove to a traditional barre workout.


MNTSTUDIO offers a full range of multi-level movement classes including yoga, pilates and barre. Despite the wide array of fitness options, they describe themselves as “more than just a place where you go to exercise” but rather “a community, a place where you can, through exercise and meaningful connections.” The barre classes are “vigorous” and designed to give you a dancer’s body, they say. Amenities include water stations, clean yoga mats and snacks!


Maiden Lane Studios knows that mind-body fitness is more than just exercise—it’s a lifestyle. In addition to their variety of yoga, pilates and barre classes, their “retail selection showcases hand-picked fitness apparel and shoes, jewelry, nutritional supplements, and natural beauty products.” A dancer has to look good, after all. Shine on you crazy diamond!

Getting ahead in The City sometimes feels like a tapdance that would make Fred Astaire break a sweat. It takes the right mix of firmness and flexibility to outmaneuver the competition. Go out there and move your bodies, SoMa!


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