May 12, 2018

The Best Vintage Shops Around SoMa

Some things are better the second time around. The nostalgia industry is thriving, especially in San Francisco. The coolest fashions of today are a callback to the trends of yesterday. And is there anything more thrilling to a savvy shopper than landing a thrift score?

It time to go back to the future. Let’s browse the best vintage shops around SoMa!


The sweetness of nostalgia is very often seasoned with the bite of playful irony. Despite its clever name, No Shop has everything you’ve ever wanted, even if you didn’t know you wanted it yet. It’s where all your hippest hipster dreams come true!

“No 8 tracks,” a sandwich board sign out front of the shop declares, “no clothing, no stuff, no alterations, no shoes.” In fact, No Shop’s well-stocked space has all of those things. (See what they did there?)

Serena Q., of Berkley, CA, sums up her shopping experience pretty succinctly in her 5-star Yelp review: “The owner, a sweet, funky fun chick who seems always busy decorating and working, had hung a green silk tank top – classy and chic.” She goes on to relate that “for $8 bought a gorgeous, bold shirt that would sell at Macy’s for $50.”

Bargains abound on the thrift store circuit!


Vacation is a shop with a credo for creating community. Beneath their warm, retro retail space is the Vacation Basement, a free, all ages performance space that has hosted events ranging from punk shows, drag shows, poetry readings, live album recordings, and fundraisers.

“This place is a hidden treasure!” says May O., of San Luis Obispo, CA, in her 5-star Yelp review, “I… came in looking for some unique pieces for Coachella… I would definitely come back again!”

You don’t even need to happen upon their brick-and-mortar for those vintage Vacation vibes. You can purchase featured items right from their Instagram profile! The future is dazzling, yes?


Fashionphile specializes in luxury handbags and accessories. They offer the largest selection of pre-owned vintage and limited edition handbags from the most coveted luxury designers. And every item in their highly curated inventory goes through an extensive procedure by skilled experts.

It’s a destination spot for vintingistas like Lydia B., of Riverbank, CA, who says in her 5-star Yelp review, “When I save up money and want to ‘treat’ myself to luxury items like a handbag or designer shoes, Fashionphile is one of the places I love to start off with.”

Everything old becomes new again. The best vintage shops around SoMa rummage the past to find today’s latest trends!


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