May 19, 2018

The Best Vegan Restaurants in SoMa

There are few lifestyle decisions that truly affect our actual style of living than our diets. Whether it be for a set of health reasons or an ethical ethos (or some combination thereof) many people at least dabble in a plant-based diet these days. Culinary concerns enter the equation too—there’s some really good vegan cooking being served up, especially in San Francisco.

We hope you came hungry. These are the best vegan restaurants in SoMa!


A holographic rendering of the Buddha greets you upon entering Green Papaya. He placidly beckons you to experience new dimensions of flavor. The simple, Vietnamese fusion menu will delight you with its many vegan and gluten-free options. They’re family-owned and operated, boasting their use of only “the finest ingredients.”

“This place is the best Vietnamese you can get in the SoMa,” says Yelper Lex W., of San Francisco. He continues, “The fried imperial roll might be my favorite egg roll in the city.”


Get “falafelized” at the Flying Falafel! The San Francisco farmers’ market scene served as a launchpad for this soaring local enterprise. Assaf Pashut was a neuroscience major who changed course for the falafel industry after experiencing the heights of joy one undoubtedly does once having tossed fried balls of mashed chickpeas into the mouths of random passersby. Falafelized, indeed! He’s since expanded his empire into two brick-and-mortar locations in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Google Local Guide Di Hickman’s 5-star review is blunt, yet positive: “Not a sit-down restaurant, just a hole in the wall place that you can grab and go. The falafel is AMAZING and worth every cent.”


Is is pizza time yet? DNA Pizza specializes in authentic New York-style thin crust pizza, by the slice or the whole pie. Vegetarian and vegan slices are always available, and gluten-free crust is available on request. They’re located right next door to the world famous DNA Lounge nightclub because what’s better than a slice of New York pizza at 2 am? Answer: NOTHING!

Majid S. of San Leandro, CA, highlights DNA’s more appealing features in his 5-star Yelp review: “Being open 24hrs is really cool and they also have a full bar.”

So, what are you waiting for? Make like a tree and leave for the best vegan restaurants around SoMa!


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