November 5, 2016

Best Taco Spots in SOMA

If there was one food that has exploded onto the scene, it’s the taco. This traditional Mexican dish is delicious, cultural, and colorful. Not only are tacos crunchy, but they’re also soft, warm, have tons of filling, are inexpensive, and you can eat them without utensils. Bottom line.. they’re efficient. Here at Solaire, we are big fans of tacos and everything that encompasses them, such as the weekly celebration that is known as Taco Tuesday. This week’s blog is all about some tacos and where to find them in the wonderful neighborhood of SOMA:

Uno Dos Tacos

This taco joint is not only an awesome tequila bar, but also has beers on tap and fresh-made food. Great for a quick bite, date or socializing, Uno Dos Tacos offers a wide variety of Mexican food items and a unique setting to eat them in. There is always a line, but it moves quickly during the lunch and dinner rushes. We give this place bonus points for offering blankets in their outdoor seating section. In San Francisco’s unpredictable climate- this can be a life-saver!


This cash-only spot serves up a truly bizarre selection of food along with an excellent array of craft beer. Their zapatos are basically a cross between a burrito and a quesadilla, so they’re definitely a must try at Garaje. Grab some of their fresh cut chips and homemade salsa to go with it. Or…take things in a different direction and get their cheeseburger. And fries. Or maybe chips and salsa? Or bring friends and get both!

Azucar Lounge

This taco spot is an awesome place for both some great drinks to pair alongside the delicious tacos. With its plush couches for relaxing and wildly colorful decor to bring about a fun ambiance, Azucar Lounge always guarantees a great time. With bottomless tacos and inexpensive pitchers of margaritas, this restaurant boasts one of the most popular Taco Tuesdays in the neighborhood.

Tacos have become a celebrated delicacy, bringing people together with delicious flavors and good times. SOMA has some of the best taco stops in all of San Francisco, leaving us to feel very lucky to be a part of this neighborhood!


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