March 29, 2018

Best Springtime Events Around SoMa

You can almost smell it in the air—spring! We get all four seasons up here in Northern California. And so, when the days get longer and the sun starts shining, The City does, indeed, come alive. The spring festivals in San Francisco are a great excuse to get out and see what you’ve been missing all winter long.

Check out the best springtime events in SoMa!


The San Francisco International Film Festival is the longest-running film festival in the Americas. California is known to be a welcoming place for travelers and transplants alike. So, come and see amazing examples of the culture they’ve brought with them. The festival is held each spring, in April, for two weeks at various venues throughout the Bay Area, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Phyllis Wattis Theater right here in SoMa!

Featuring more than 180 films and live events with upwards of 100 filmmakers in attendance, this is a springtime event you won’t want to wait to come out on video.


Is it really spring in San Francisco until the first pitch of the new season is hurled from the mound at AT&T Park? “Opening Day is basically a citywide holiday,” says Thrillist, “so tell your boss you can’t make it in because you’ve got to see the Giants.”

There’s only one big baseball game, some people say. Since the beginning of time they’ve been rounding those bases. Players come and years go by but the big game continues. So, order yourself a beer and a dog and settle in for another season with the boys in orange and black!


The cherry blossom is the perfect symbol for both the beauty and the brevity of spring. Just west of SoMa, in Japantown, the annual Cherry Blossom Festival ushers in the spring with lively performances, traditional dances and tea ceremonies to acknowledge our area’s deep connection to the Asian immigrants who make up the diverse cultural tapestry of The City.

Spring is a celebration of new life! So get out there and live a little at the best springtime events around SoMa.


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