March 10, 2017


It’s a fact of life that while living in an exciting neighborhood like SOMA, people are going to want to visit you. While the typical San Francisco sights are nice to see, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, SOMA also has so many beautiful sights to see that will show the best side of our beautiful neighborhood!

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is one of the best art museums you could possibly visit in the west coast. This museum boast an extensive and diverse collection of artworks, allowing you to easily spend 2-5 hours here browsing all galleries. An awesome place for weekend outings with friends or family in San Francisco.The outdoor displays integrate the amazing city views and the museum is close to both amazing restaurants and shopping! Make sure to pre-purchase tickets to skip the line.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market: Located right by the water, this market is a must go when you are in the neighborhood of SoMa. The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market sells fresh meats, organic vegetables and fruits during weekend, and some stalls do give out sample/testers before you decide to buy. It can be a solid lunch spot for vegetarians and carnivores alike, and there’s plenty of international produce and and products as well. Great way to spend a Saturday morning in San Francisco!

San Francisco Flower Mart: All of the local florists arrive at this marketplace well before the sun comes up to buy the best botanicals at wholesale prices. Don’t worry though – you don’t need to get there that early to get a good deal. The warehouse market opens to the public at 10am, which means you’ll have time to grab a morning coffee before! The Flower Market is the best place for wholesale value flowers and succulents in the Bay Area. They have everything from exotics to your everyday local flower shop finds. From peonies and sunflowers to roses and fuji mums, orchids and tulips to scabiosa pods and ranunculus, you will find floral need in this wonderful marketplace.

Ozumo: With a swanky interior and an accommodating staff, this sushi restaurant has quickly become a SOMA favorite amongst the locals. With a menu that is as beautifully created as it is delicious, everything that comes to the table here is a work of art. We encourage you to trust the chef and order “Omakase” — Japanese for “it’s up to you”.

Living in SOMA means that you will get a lot of people wanting to visit you, which means you’ll have to play tour guide. Our neighborhood offers a plethora of different sights and restaurants to experience, they might never want to go home!


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