February 20, 2018

The Best Speakeasies Near SoMa

he “speakeasy” concept finds its full range of expression in San Francisco. Surprised? From just simply borrowing the aesthetic all the way to true, members only, exclusive cocktail hideaways, SoMa’s speakeasies encompass an array of experiences. And they’re all awesome.

These are the best speakeasies in SoMa.


You know you’ve got a speakeasy hit on your hands when you’re the secret bar hidden behind a bookcase in a swanky downtown restaurant. Marianne was the name of the woman who stole Mick Jagger’s heart. It’s also the namesake of the speakeasy in the back of The Cavalier.

Knowing about Marianne’s is one thing. Getting in is another. Reservations are recommended. The 60’s psychedelia-meets-Prohibition-era decor is open to the public, but it fills up fast.


Go Giants! The Gotham Club is literally one of the coolest spots in San Francisco. Imagine: sipping summer cocktails, the breeze off the bay, the crack of the bat. You’re behind the scoreboard at AT&T Park! Now, The Gotham Club is members only and membership is just open to season ticket holders. So, it’s a pretty exclusive set that finds its way inside. But, hot dog, wait until you see what’s inside!

The Gotham Club has its own bowling alley, a full bar serving craft cocktails tinkling with baseball-shaped ice cubes and awesome views of the bay!


Around the corner from AT&T Park is where you’ll get as relaxed and casual as they do in SoMa. Alchemist Bar & Lounge has a steampunk ambiance that “fills a necessary void as a hip, quasi-dive bar with class in a neighborhood that’s heavily dominated by sports bars.” Thrillist calls it “the coolest thing to happen in SoMa in a long time.”

It’s only cool if nobody else knows about it. You didn’t think this would be easy, would you? The best speakeasies in SoMa are certainly worth searching for!


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