December 2, 2017

The Best Restaurants in SoMa Open Christmas Day

You’ve been working hard all year long and the holidays snuck right up on you. It happens a lot here in San Francisco. Maybe you forgot to book that ticket home before the prices spiked. Or, maybe you’re hosting family from out-of-town, and, while your vegan scramble is great for when a friend crashes the night, your kitchen skills aren’t quite ready for a prime-time holiday feast.

It happens a lot in the city.

But there are always options. That’s why you moved here. And SoMa has some of the best restaurants open on Christmas Day.


Visiting family will swear Mom’s turkey is better, but the holiday-inspired five-course dinner the Grill Restaurant at the St. Regis Hotel San Francisco is hosting Dec. 25th will be the centerpiece of an elegant, SoMa-style Christmas. And Mom will appreciate the day off. San Francisco Travel invites you to enjoy “butternut squash velouté, herb roasted Brandt Farms ribeye steak, and more.”

Make it a sophisticated holiday. The St. Regis is right around the corner from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the first museum on the West Coast devoted to modern and contemporary art. SFMOMA is closed on Christmas, but they have events and programming scheduled through the end of the year! The holidays aren’t always about going home. Sometimes they’re about going out and experiencing interesting new things.


Eater San Francisco spotlights The Cavalier’s “ideal environs,” declaring its “part genteel library, part hunting lodge” interior vibe the perfect place “in which to enjoy a Christmas feast.” They will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on Dec. 25th, with wine pairing options available. Reservations are strongly encouraged.


Sure, it’s become one of those stereotypical holiday traditions: going out to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day. But the Chinese food in San Francisco is the best this side of Beijing. Yank Sing is known for its delicious dim sum. The bite-sized variety of classic Chinese dim sum, served in small steamer baskets to encourage sampling and sharing, might not be the Christmas dinner many would expect. That’s why it’s so perfect. Pinching up pork buns and dumplings with chopsticks, passing and trading baskets of xiao long bao across and around the table, is the best kind of meal to reconnect with loved ones you may not have seen in awhile.

You might work wonders in your cozy SoMa kitchen. But skip the dirty dishes and see what a top-tier restaurant town like San Francisco has to offer. You won’t be starved for options this Christmas in the city.


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