November 1, 2017

The Best Restaurants Near SoMa Open on Thanksgiving

Not everyone goes home for the holidays; so the question on everyone’s minds falls to where to eat on Turkey Day. Well, we’ve got some great options in our brand new blog, the Best Restaurants near SoMa Open On Thanksgiving. And without any further gobble gobble, let’s dive straight in.

Opening our blog on the Best Restaurants near SoMa Open On Thanksgiving is Mathilde French Bistro on 315 5th Street. It’s French Bistro that’s authentic and priced just right. They serve up the most amazing food here from Onion Soup to Escargot, from duck leg to filet mignon, and all of it’s delicious. You can’t go wrong here as every bite is as yummy as the last and the service is fantastic. They also have a phenomenal dessert menu too (the chocolate banana bread pudding is out of this world).

Next up on our blog on the Best Restaurants near SoMa Open On Thanksgiving is just up the street at Parallel 37 over in the Ritz-Carlton in Chinatown. It’s a little pricey but the food in this restaurant is fantastic. Even when it’s not a holiday, Parallel 37 serves up the tastiest treats; from Pacific Halibut to Niman Ranch Lamb – they even do a full tasting menu. The service here is just as good; it’s very attentive and friendly. This isn’t your usual hotel restaurant!

Finishing up our blog on the Best Restaurants near SoMa Open On Thanksgiving Kitchen is Farmhouse Kitchen on 710 Florida Street. Specializing in Thai cuisine, the Farmhouse serves up some amazingly delicious food at reasonable prices. We sampled the vegan fresh rolls and the calamari (yes, we know, we’re not 100% vegan, okay?) and loved them both – especially the main courses such as the Pad Kee Mow. Service is great too so you can’t go wrong.

Now you have no excuse not to have a fantastic meal! These are some of the best restaurants near SoMa that are open on Thanksgiving so have a great time. And make sure to drink responsibly.


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