January 30, 2017


Oh pizza, one of the most convenient and delicious food items ever created. Living in SOMA means there are many different places and styles of the beloved dish to choose from, but they all use the freshest ingredients for a wonderful culinary experience! Here are a few of the places we attend when craving a great slice of ‘za:

Slice House by Tony Gemignani- The spin off shop from world pizza champ Tony Gemignani, this place is amazing.  It can get crowded, but if you can wait, you are in for the best pizza in the SOMA area. By adding dollops of extra sauce on top, the basil-tomato-cheese pizza is a must try. They have a great happy hour as well, with a variety of exciting beers on tap. It’s right next to the ballpark so a good spot before, after, or during a game!

Jersey Pizza- Since this spot has one of the best happy hours downtown, the food and drinks are absolutely delicious so it’s imperative to  grab a slice here. Try to remember to get a reservation here before you head over if you’re coming with a big group because they have very limited seating for large groups. Come for happy hour with $3 beer, $5 wine and $5 slices (only available during happy hour). Dinner menu is great, too, but happy hour is definitely the best value!

Pazzia Restaurant- With the authentic and delicious food, warm and friendly owners, and a chill atmosphere, this spot might be the best Italian restaurant in SF. They do half or whole pizza pies, and the dough is always flaky and the ingredients fresh! Not only are the slices amazing, but the panette funghi and tiramisu are also amazing!

Pizza is a culinary staple, so it’s no wonder why SOMA has so many delicious restaurants serving up delicious pies. Where you like thick or thin crust, saucy or cheesy pies, living in SOMA gives you all the options to try!


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