June 17, 2018

The Best Picnic Spots Around SoMa

Summer is coming, and that means grub in the great outdoors! There’s nothing better than sharing a meal with a friend while feeling the sun’s rays and the grass between your toes. Here are the best picnic spots in SoMa.

Yerba Buena Gardens

Whether you are looking for art, water features, or simply solitude, Yerba Buena Gardens has you covered. This park is teeming with art, from its statues and waterfalls to the very landscape design itself. Enjoy a sandwich on the Esplanade, where you can soak in the beauty of the gorgeously manicured lawns and the swaying trees. You might even catch a free outdoor concert or find a new favorite tree to read under. For a more colorful lunch, nestle in among the flowers in the Cho-en Butterfly Garden. Admire the beautiful colors of the flowers that were planted specifically to lure in San Francisco’s prettiest winged inhabitants.

Rincon Park

For those looking to enjoy their picnic by the quiet serenity of the bay, head to Rincon Park. This little patch of grass isn’t hard to find; it’s the one with a gigantic bow and arrow sticking out of the ground! You can sit in the shadow of this Robin Hoodesque artwork and savor a good lunch and conversation by the glistening waters of the bay.

Victoria Malano Draves Park

When it comes to classic neighborhood parks, it doesn’t come more classic than Victoria Manalo Draves Park. This simple green space has plenty of grass to set up your own little territory and a super fun playground for the kiddos. If you time it right, you could get to watch a pickup basketball game on the courts. In Draves Park, you can really get in touch with the community.

343 Sansome Rooftop

One of the best-hidden gardens around SoMa is actually at the top of the building at 343 Sansome. This rooftop terrace provides plenty of benches to enjoy a picnic among a grove of potted olive trees. And being 15 floors up, the view is amazing. If you don’t want to bring your own food, there are a couple of places to purchase meals in the lobby of the building.

Head to one of these places and spread out the checkered tablecloth. Meals taste best outdoors, and these picnic spots will have you in a sentimental mood in no time.


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