August 12, 2016

Best Parks in SoMa San Francisco

The beautiful thing about living in SoMa is that you’re amidst all of the hustle and bustle that San Francisco has to offer, however, sometimes it’s important to trade in the concrete jungle for a grassy oasis. Thankfully, SoMa has many lush parks conveniently located throughout the neighborhood, offering the perfect space for an afternoon picnic or an outdoor activity.

Yerba Buena Gardens

Yerba Buena Gardens is part of an 87-acre, one-of-a-kind environment that has been recognized as one of the top 30 urban
parks in America and definitely one of the best parks in SoMa. YBG combines a mixture of housing, open space, cultural facilities, farmer’s markets, public events, children’s facilities, a convention center, and commercial development. Located in the heart of the the downtown cultural district, it’s a place to embrace your every mood, celebrate diversity, and find green relief.

South Park

Established in 1852, South Park was originally conceived as a London-style city garden, ringed with upscale residences. Much later, this spot became ‘ground zero’ for the 1990s dot-com boom, and is still a much-coveted business address. Cafes and restaurants on the park’s perimeter draw in neighborhood workers, who fill up the picnic tables and benches at lunchtime. Recent park improvements include native plantings, a hummingbird garden and two fenced play areas, with sand pits and climbing structures to entertain small tots. It is also a SoMa dog park!

Sun Terrace

Looking for a hidden treasure in the middle of SoMa? When you arrive on the Sun Terrace, the breeze seems to slow here and the sun shines a little brighter– you almost can’t even hear the city around you. Take the stairs next to the boba place on Mission up to the top of the parking garage. You’ll see trees and plots of grass, a water sculpture, tables and chairs, and benches, all perfect for an afternoon lunch or quiet resting area.

SoMa is an amazing urban neighborhood filled cultural expression and delicious restaurants, but sometimes you just need to have an afternoon spent with Mother Nature. Luckily, our home keeps numerous lush parks in amazing condition, giving you a place for a quick lunch out of the office or an exciting afternoon.


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