December 21, 2017

The Best New Year’s Eve Around SoMA

Happy New Year! San Francisco is a town that really knows how to invite what’s next. There’s no doubt about it SoMa will be electric on December 31st. Here are the best things going on in the neighborhood New Year’s Eve.


There’s no denying that one of the biggest parties in town, right in the heart of the City, is New Year’s Eve at Union Square. The luxurious Park Central Hotel hosts a soiree that includes epic balloon drops, LED glow sticks and multiple dance floors. VIP packages are available.


Bootie is the kind of club that can only be born in San Francisco. Perhaps it’s better defined as a permanently installed dance party or a bootleg pop celebration. But if there’s one sure thing you can bet on it’s that Bootie throws one heck of a NYE bash. Billed “the greatest mashup party in the universe,” Bootie welcomes the New Year with balloon drops, confetti and a champagne toast at midnight.


For a low-key NYE with a few intimates or just a chance to ring in the New Year with a spread of fine eats, make reservations now at The Fly Trap restaurant. Defined, on their Instagram, as a “sticky situation of delicious indulgence. Food, drink, hugs and genuineness abound.” Surely those are the vibes any of us would be lucky to take with us on another trip around the sun.

On Yelp users comment, “Wowee, this place is the best. I must declare working in San Francisco has its benefits.”

We’re always celebrating the next big thing in San Francisco. And what could be bigger than the New Year? New Year’s Eve revelers attending parties around SoMa and throughout the City will be going all-in on the same sure bet: when the future gets here, it’ll arrive in San Francisco first.


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