March 18, 2017


SOMA is home to some of the best music venues in the country. Local and national bands and artists come through our neighborhood on a weekly basis, giving you the opportunity to see some of your favorite acts. This week’s blog is a continuation of the list of our favorite music venues in SOMA!

Slim’s- R&B legend Boz Scaggs founded this club that stages shows with genres ranging from folk to metal. Slim’s is a venue that is well-versed in what it does– from ticketing, check-in and the concert experience is always a great time and smooth. It offers a very small and intimate setting so you always have a good spot no matter how late you show up. If you’re one of the first to the concert, you can head upstairs for the limited seating near the balcony. Finally, they sometimes offer a dinner and ticket package, so you can get a seat with a good view from upstairs!

The Warfield- The Warfield is a 2,300-seat music venue located in San Francisco, California. It was built as a vaudeville theater and opened as the Loew’s Warfield on May 13, 1922. The venue is a really spacious and gorgeous venue that is conveniently located near the Bart station. The architecture inside is breathtaking leaving you with the perfect concert experience! There’s not a bad seat in the house and the building itself is truly an amazing piece of art, so don’t let the looks from the outside fool you, this place is amazing.

1015 Folsom- 1015 Folsom is an amazing club with three rooms, two of which were smaller, but all have different styles of music. The main room had amazing sound and lighting that leads people to dance all night long. However, it is a cash only bar, so be sure to stop at an ATM beforehand!

SOMA offers its residents the chance to experience every type of musical act all within a very short distance. Our neighborhood is in the epicenter of San Francisco’s cultural heart, and it’s only going to get better!


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