December 27, 2016


SOMA's Best Museums

With the weather getting colder every day, it can sometimes become difficult to find something to keep you occupied during your free time. By living in SOMA, San Francisco’s cultural epicenter, the residents have access to so many amazing museums and galleries, it’s difficult to choose a favorite!

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is one of the best art museums you could possibly visit in the west coast. This museum boast an extensive and diverse collection of artworks, allowing you to easily spend 2-5 hours here browsing all galleries. An awesome place for weekend outings with friends or family in San Francisco.The outdoor displays integrate the amazing city views and the museum is close to both amazing restaurants and shopping! Make sure to pre-purchase tickets to skip the line.

International Art Museum of America: Terrific free museum without a dash of humility, with the placards alone are being worth a trip. This place looks mysterious/dark from outside but they have some cool decorations inside, like a garden. With original Buddha paintings being one of their most famous pieces, the material and skill are very unique. Would definitely enthusiastically recommend the museum to anyone having friends or family visiting from out of town.

Contemporary Jewish Museum: A cultural space set in an unusual architectural setting with very few right angles. Changing shows reinforce a concept of Jewish relevance in modern life. There is also an excellent deli in the lobby with delicious pastrami and corned beef sandwiches! We suggest you go on Free Tuesday to see the amazing Stanley Kuberick exhibit!

Living in SOMA definitely has many perks, however we love the cultural diversity of our neighborhood. The museums give you an opportunity to peer into a new world, all right in your backyard!


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