July 20, 2017

The Best Local Stores in SoMa

SoMa is filled with the best shopping, right?! Nothing beats heading out on a weekend and window shopping amongst some of the most interesting shopping districts in, let’s face it, the entire country! But which – and where – are the best local stores in SoMa? That’s the topic of our brand new blog!

We’ll start our blog on the best local stores in SoMa with the Ferry Building Marketplace – an amazing food market that’s designed to look and feel like an indoor street! Located at 1 Ferry Building it’s home to a dazzling array of stores, from Beekind (honey, anyone?) to the Prather Ranch Meat Company – as well as places like Savage Jenny (makeup) to the Village Market. You could probably come back here time and time again as there is always something fun going on.

Next up in our blog on the best local stores in SoMa is Chrome Industries who’ve been in operation for over 20 years. Here you’ll find all manner of bags, clothing, and footwear with the professional messenger/fixed freestyle rider/urban commuter in mind. Basically, if you bike, Chrome is the place for you. The stuff they make is highly durable and of great quality – and comes with reasonable prices.

Completing our blog on the best local stores in SoMa is Muji over at 540 9th Street. They’re known for selling a variety of products, from household goods to apparel to even food. Walk in and you’re assailed by the scents of various oils and aromatic water diffusers. It doesn’t matter what you want either – when you start walking the aisles you’ll find a million things you didn’t realize 1) existed and 2) that you could live without! We defy you to leave there without buying anything, no matter how small.

And there you go – some amazing local stores that can only be found in SoMa. Another great reason for living here!


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