December 15, 2016


Best Juice Spots

While living in SOMA, everyday life can become extremely tiring with all the city-life hustle and bustle! Luckily, there are plenty of delicious juice bars to give you that extra healthy energy boost to keep you going!

Juice Shop: This tiny shop supplies you with all the nutritious beverages you could want. Seasonal offerings vary- the watermelon juice is a summer favorite! Yes, these are a bit pricey- but part of that cost is the glass bottle which you can return for a savings the next time you stop in. You can feel healthy and your conscious can feel good about being Eco-friendly. Cheers!

Pressed Juicery: Perfect spot for a quick afternoon juice pick-me-up while working downtown. Selection at this pop-up location next to Sur La Table is limited, but they seem to have refill deliveries multiple times throughout the day. The store on Union St. is also great, with a more robust inventory. This spot is also great for the lactose-intolerant folks out there, their Almond Cinnamon bottle is the closest thing to ice cream – so so good!

Native Juice Co: The ingredients are always farmer’s-market fresh with no pre-bagged greens, making your smoothie both colorful and beautiful. For those in a hurry, they have several ready-to-go eats like chia pudding, quinoa and barley salads, lemonade with turmeric and cayenne pepper, and more. The menu boasts toasts of the day, soups and salads, so if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air and guilt free eats while in SOMA, Native Juice Co is the place for you!

Organic pressed juices are the new craze in keeping energized, so it’s no wonder there are so many amazing juice bars right here in our SOMA neighborhood! Let us know what your favorite juice bars are!


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