June 26, 2018

The Best Japanese Restaurants in SoMa

The beautiful thing about living in a global city like San Francisco is the opportunity to explore the best of cuisines from other parts of the world. Chefs of every style of cuisine flock to San Francisco to be a part of this thriving food community. Here are the best Japanese Restaurants around SoMa.


Ozumo is the best place to enjoy fresh sushi with an amazing view of the bay. The chic, modern decor is a perfect complement to the colorful Japanese food creations of Executive Chef Yoshikazu Hirota. This upscale restaurant is widely known for its sake selection. And the sake menu is not only vast but quite informative. Ever wondered where your sake came from and what went into making it, or even what sake actually is? Ozumo has you covered.


For a little more casual feel, head to Sanraku. Tucked away in the Metreon next to the beautiful Yerba Buena Gardens, Sanraku is a popular destination for sushi. But they also balance the menu well with another non-sushi item like rice bowls, ramen, and teriyaki options.


PABU is the collaborative creation of Michelin Star awarded Chef Michael Mina and renowned Tokyo native Chef Ken Tominaga. It is an Izakaya style joint, which means it has a more laid-back atmosphere, but it still doesn’t skimp on quality. Chef Tominaga is quite skilled with sushi but also focuses on robata grilling and char-grilled steaks. His vision relies on the freshest fish and only the best local produce.


Omakase, under the skillful knife of Chef Jackson Yu, has earned a Michelin star for its artistic sushi creations. Chef Yu takes pride in his attention to detail. He makes regular visits to the top Japanese restaurants around the world to learn from other highly regarded chefs. In addition, he hand selects the very pottery and plateware used in Omakase from artisans in the mountains of Japan.

Whether you are a longtime sushi lover or are new to the world of Japanese cuisine, SoMa has options to match any palate. Try one of these spots and itadakimasu, or dig in!


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