December 28, 2016


Even though it’s in the middle of winter, we still enjoy treating ourselves to some tasty treats every now and then. Living in SOMA means there are so many different options of ice creams and gelatos, you won’t know which one to choose!

Humphry Slocombe- We can safely say that Humphry Slocombe has some of the best ice cream in San Francisco. This new age shop creates really cool flavors like peanut butter curry, Vietnamese coffee, and other exotic ones that cater to the SF/Bay crowd. Secret Breakfast is their most popular, with bourbon and cornflakes in a delicious vanilla bean. The flavors are always on point, the textures are perfect with the crunchy cornflakes contrasting with the smooth vanilla bean, and it’s not too sweet and surprisingly refreshing.

Chantal Guillon Patisserie- One of the better gelatos in Bay Area, and we recommend you try a medium gelato with two flavors, orange blossom and passion fruit. The quantities are enormous for the price, the service is top notch, and the place looks hip and modern. With the macaroons also being absolutely delicious, Chantal Guillon Patisserie is a wonderful spot for a quick treat after dinner.

CREAM San Francisco- If you love both cookies and ice cream, then your dream just came true because CREAM has brought them together! Specializing in ice cream sandwiches that you can customize with all sorts of toppings, CREAM has created the perfect quick treat.The smell of fresh cookies and waffle cones drives you into the store, but the ice cream makes you stay!

Ice cream is a timeless treat, meaning you will want to enjoy it all year around. Living in SOMA lets you choose between creamy ice cream, delicious gelato or amazing ice cream sandwiches. Which one will you choose?


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