October 20, 2017

The Best Haunted Houses in San Francisco

Where can you find things that go bump in the night? In a haunted house, of course – so where are the best ones around town? The ones filled with dread, mysterious voices, noises, and all-things unexplained? We’ve got the answers in our new blog, the Best Haunted Houses in San Francisco.

Kicking off our blog on the Best Haunted Houses in San Francisco is Alcatraz Island – yes, the former home of criminals, madmen, and murderers. You can take any number of guided tours here where you can also be on the lookout for things that go bump (or clang) in the night. The night tour is obviously the creepiest (and most fun!). It starts in the afternoon with a boat ride around the island. Bear in mind it’s also physically taxing as there’s a 13-story staircase to the cell block. Tickets sell out fast so order ahead of time.

Next up on our blog on the Best Haunted Houses in San Francisco is the Winchester Mystery House which is a little off the beaten path over in San Jose but well worth the visit. Filled with history, a tour or two will get you the full story but here’s the potted version: a medium told homeowner Sarah Winchester to build a home and don’t stop building. She moved from New England to see her plans come true and what began as a farmhouse ended up a seven-story mansion. There are twists and turns everywhere but will you find any ghosts? That’s on you!

Rounding out our blog on the Best Haunted Houses in San Francisco is the Queen Anne Hotel over at 1590 Sutter Street. Check in to room 410 where, it’s said, the ghost of Mary Lake resides. Back before it was a hotel it was a school – specifically the Mary Lake School for Girls – and headmistress Lake is known to unpack and hang up clothes and even tuck people into bed. On the bright side, Ms. Lake is a VERY friendly ghost – friendlier, even, than Casper!

There you have it; some of the best Haunted Houses in San Francisco! Go check ‘em out and, if you feel up to it, spend a night there. Oh – and take your boo (sorry; we couldn’t resist).


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