January 21, 2018

The Best Food Delivery Services in SoMa

Want the joys of eating out without the hassle of leaving home? Delivery is the answer to your prayers. The variety of delivery options in SoMa is as diverse as the San Francisco culinary scene.

Get your tip money ready. Here are the best delivery places in SoMa!


Pizza is the circular foodstuff that rolled out the delivery concept to the masses. Escape From New York Pizza declares themselves the “best pizza delivery in San Francisco.” They specialize in the kind of crispy, thin crust pies, cut into large, cheesy wedges that you’ll find on any street corner in Manhattan.

Alf Lenni Erlandsen—a Google Local Guide, no less—gives Escape from New York his ringing endorsement: “Mushroom slice is not just tasty and crisp. It’s downright one of the best mushroom pizzas I’ve had in a long time.”

They have dined in, take out and catering options at each of their six locations in The City. They have killer merch for for sale on their website, too.


Perilla delivers authentic and fusion Vietnamese food to your home. They utilize the DoorDash service, which basically likes an Uber for your bowl of beef pho. The garlic noodles come highly recommended.

Julia K. from Los Angeles yelps, “Their Garlic Noodles were BOMB. I got the Five Spices Chicken Garlic Noodle and yum, the chicken was really crispy on the outside but really tender on the inside.”

Perilla boasts their use of fresh and sustainable ingredients to ensure a great dining experience. Check ‘em out!


The Flying Falafel injects some fun into Mediterranean fare. They started out slinging pita at local farmers’ markets. Today, from their brick and mortar location on Market St., they deliver Falafel Fisbees and Flying Falafel Pockets through the Caviar delivery service.

Ryan Gordon loves the food and the atmosphere. On Google’s Local Guides he says, “Good vibes, and good people serving up stuffed pitas with all the fixings. Get it spicy and do the combo #2 with seasoned fries. You won’t regret it.”

The only thing that beats eating out is eating at home. There’s so much good food in SoMa, why not get it delivered?


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