February 2, 2018

The Best Doggie Daycares Near SoMa

Time and space are limited in The City, even for the two-legged. While you’re at work putting out fires and slaying dragons, your best furry friend is home alone. To say nothing of the trouble your pooch might get into home alone in your spotless apartment, we all know that dogs, like us, need physical and mental activity, as well as companionship, to be completely healthy.

If you think the daily grind makes it too difficult to give your doggie the tender loving care she needs, here are a few of the best doggie daycare spots around SoMa so you can hang out late for that Friday happy hour and not feel guilty about it.


Bark Avenue is a boutique doggie daycare with both outdoor and indoor activities. They also take the pack on off-leash field trips to Fort Funston. What else would you expect in San Francisco?

Their max capacity is 30 dogs per day, so you know your special little guy is going to get a lot of one-on-one attention. Google Local Guide Gregory Moss howls, “Awesome team at Bark Ave and exceptional dog care!”


Fido gets the VIP treatment at Wag Hotel. They match dogs by size and temperament for fun-filled all-day play. Activities include themed parties like Valentines Day and Halloween! There’s a rooftop pool scene with views of San Francisco that even old colorblind Rover will appreciate.

They’re highly recommended. Liz B. yelps, “I was looking for a safe, clean and fun place for my dog; Wag Hotel scored big on my list.”


Embarkadero Social Club was founded by Veterinarian Luis Lozada. His specialty is Ethology, which is the study of animal behavior. So, he knows that “dogs are pack animals. They need to move, sniff, run, and socialize!”

They’re a smaller facility with size and weight restrictions, but the on-site vet care makes this place unique. They offer vaccinations for bordetella, distemper, rabies and leptospirosis.

Doggie daycare isn’t what you imagine it might be. Gone are the days of floor-to-ceiling cages. Some of these places would put your college dorm room to shame! The best doggie daycare in SoMa is second to none. Doesn’t your best friend deserve it?


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