April 20, 2018

The Best Community Gardens in SoMa

Growing things together with your neighbors has been central to human communities since humanity’s very beginnings. Community gardens are a new trend that channels some very ancient vibes. The once barren vacant lots of San Francisco are growing green with lush plant life!

Let’s take a stroll through the best community gardens around SoMa.


The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department is clearly a forward-leaning organization. Your tax dollars are being spent wisely! At the Howard & Langton Mini Park and Community Garden members can grow produce and ornamental plants for personal use.

You can work your own plot of earth or chip in with some neighbors on a shared plot. Each garden is operated by a group of committed volunteers and membership fees are often self-imposed to cover common expenses.


Please Touch Community Garden is located on public land. They are a living example of an interim-use solution. They’re also a demonstration space for various urban agriculture strategies. Their history is both humble and ambitious. Please Touch began as a partnership between artist GK Callahan and Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired to rehab space once plagued by urban blight by adding a lush, living greenery!

The space is currently open to the public on Wednesdays from 12 PM to 4 PM, and by appointment.


The community learning garden at Koshland Park is a favorite with area children and schools. The learning garden is intended to educate young people about gardening and food sources. Another Parks and Rec. enterprise, Koshland’s well-tended beds are the pride of the neighborhood. It’s a dog-friendly park with a basketball half court for shooting hoops with friends.

In his 5-star review, Google Local Guide Peter Moore highlights the “nice playground and community garden” at the “great little park.”

The modern urban landscape is a lot greener than it used to be. More than bricks and concrete, it’s all the living things in an area that truly makes a neighborhood a community. Get your hands a little dirty at one of the best community gardens around SoMa!


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