August 19, 2016

Best Coffee in SoMa

Throughout the history of mankind, there has been one drink and one drink only that motivates the working class to get out of bed in the morning: coffee. Luckily for us, we live in SoMa, a neighborhood in the middle of its third coffee wave, offering numerous options to enjoy a fresh cup o’ joe. Here is some of the best coffee in SoMa:

Sightglass Coffee

Nicely situated right outside the main doors of the Ferry Farmers Market Building, Sightglass is third wave coffee at its best! With its upbeat baristas, spacious upstairs area that is perfect for studying, people watching, and best of all observing the process of roasting beans and bustling retail operations this coffee shop is a must visit in SoMa! We tried the cappuccino ($4) and the cold brew ($4), both with almond milk. Both the hot and cold drinks were excellent with the coffee being quite distinctive and blending nicely with the lightly sweetened almond milk, making Sightglass one of the best spots for coffee in SoMa,

Mazarine Coffee

Even though their brewed coffee is amazing, there is one aspect that keeps the locals coming back to Mazarine — avocado toast. Simple, fresh, and divine. The toast is also thick, perfectly buttered and toasted with all the toppings that makes it both mouth-watering and Instagram-worthy. All toast aside, this place is crackin’, leaving it to be the perfect spot for grabbing a cup of coffee or nitro brew among the shopping and FiDi districts.


Located in the Yerba Buena Gardens, Samovar is elegance mixed with a well-rounded holistic menu and an incredible tea collection. Be sure to order a masala chai (made vegan with almond milk) for its punchy yet smooth flavors, perfect amount of sweetness in an rustic ceramic hug mug. Samovar is also a great brunching environment in the heart of the city. The skyline view is spectacular from both indoor and outdoor seating with its noise level is perfect. We would recommend sitting outdoors as tables are a bit more spaced out providing you and your party with a bit more intimacy.

Even though it is easy to become fixated on your favorite local coffee shop, living in such a diverse neighborhood means trying all of the different styles and cafes. SoMa is home to some of the best coffee shops in all of San Francisco, so let us know which one is your favorite!


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