March 2, 2018

The Best Breakfast Burritos in SoMa

A breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee is a staple of American morning meals these days. The breakfast wrap we know and love is a Tex-Mex creation from the American Southwest that has, since its reported beginnings at a Santa Fe burrito shack back in 1975, become ubiquitous in North American breakfast cuisine.

You know, there are some really good breakfast burritos out there. Everybody knows at least one. Wait’ll you see what we’ve got in San Francisco. These are the best breakfast burritos around SoMa.


HRD cooks up a Korean Breakfast Burrito made with spicy pork, kimchi, eggs, hash browns and cheese. This is the kind of food you can only find in The City. “Go HRD or go home,” they say over there; inspiring or appetizing, depending on how you look at it. Either way, you’ll want to hang out for seconds of what Google Local Guide Rou Monica Zeng deems the “best quality-price Korean fusion food ever” in her 5-star review.


The good thing about a great breakfast burrito is that you don’t have to pay for that greatness. Caramba’s food is praised by choruses of Google Local Guides for both its quality and its value.

Kyle Carmichael doesn’t hold back: “This burrito changed my life as it was the best chicken burrito I ever had!!!”

Thrillist recommends the Caramba Chorizo. This gem in the Financial District is open weekdays and makes a great bite on your way to work.


SoMa Eats is a modern cafe that brings “bright, global flavors” to the old favorites. Rustic, but not lacking in any of that elite, Bay Area quality-of-approach we have in everything around here, they use high quality, seasonal ingredients and they “feel passionate about” it.

SoMa Eats’ breakfast burrito gets high marks from the Google Local Guides. Tyler Doyle reviews, “Wonderful for breakfast, lunch, and happy hour. Highly recommend the breakfast burrito (unique among its local peers) and surprisingly tasty drip coffee.”

The breakfast burrito is all-American cuisine, made from imported flavors and fused with other cultures in its journey across North America. From Asian fusion to artisanally crafted, you’ll find the best breakfast burritos in SoMa, San Francisco.


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