August 23, 2017


Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book? Only crazy people, that’s who! So for the rest of us, nothing beats walking around a great bookstore, figuring out which novel is going to move us next. But where in SoMa can you find the best bookstores? Our brand new blog has all the answers!

Kicking off our blog on the best bookstores in SoMa is the Alexander Book Company over at 50 2nd Street. Three floors of books greet you in this, one of the only independent book shops in the SoMa area. Books, magazines, cards and tchatkes – that’s what you’re going to find here alongside a very knowledgeable and extremely friendly staff. You can even sign up for their newsletter that delivers some great info on upcoming events and, occasionally, offers coupons! They also do special orders and are pretty amazing with their turnaround time. They’re open Mon-Fri from 9-6 and on Saturdays from 10-5.

Next up on our blog on the best bookstores in SoMa is Chronicle Books over at 165 4th Street. We lost HOURS wandering around the shelves here finding so many gems we lost count (our wallet didn’t). The books here are not your obvious choices but instead cover amazing coffee table books, art guides, cookbooks and more. This unconventional bookstore offers unusual choices so for that reason alone we put it in our blog. You can also pick up everything from postcards to stationery here.

Finally on our blog on the best bookstores in SoMa is the Book Passage over at 1 Ferry Building. Located at the back of the building (you have to be Sherlock Holmes to find it!), the Book Passage is a neat place with shelves that go up to the ceiling. We love their Book Date area; it’s a novel wrapped up in paper that’s not got a set price – it costs however much you wish to donate. We didn’t care for the lack of parking in the area but it’s right by public trans so we’ll take that next time. Their local section utterly rocks; you can pick up books on SoMa, San Fran, and everything in between here.

There you go – some of the best bookstores in SoMa! So stop reading this and start reading there! We’re not going to let you go without giving you a book recommendation either – check out The End of Mr. Y by Scarlet Thomas. Trippy, mind-blowing and full of interesting ideas along with a cracking story of a book that supposedly kills whoever reads it. Happy book hunting!


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