April 29, 2018

The Best Bike Shops in SoMa

Cars are for squares. The hippest hipsters will tell you if you’re cool enough, that only astride a well-tuned, shiny new bicycle can one truly know The City. Let’s live life in the bike lane, San Francisco!

These are the best bike shops around SoMa.


You’ll find the San Francisco Bike Hut on Pier 40 near AT&T Ballpark. Just look for the bicycle with butterfly wings perched atop the eponymous “Hut”. Bike Hut is a shop mobilized by a social mission. In addition to their sexy sales rack and radical rentals, they are a resource for local cyclists and a center for skills training for kids from low-income communities.

In his 5-star review, Google Local Guide Martin Barry notes Bike Hut’s “little details like offering maps, water, even sunscreen.”


Besides its down-to-earth, unpretentious atmosphere, what a larger chain retailer like Performance Bicycle has over more well-hidden gems are its larger inventory and lower prices. And Performance hosts the Great Rides series from their shop, a 1,700 strong local Meetup group of beginning-to-advanced level riders who go on two-wheeled adventures throughout the Bay Area.

Desmond Hadden pulls no punches in his 5-Star Google Review: “Knowledgeable staff and great atmosphere/ambiance. Bikeshops can be highly pretentious which I hate, but these guys have the skill and the goods without the added bs.”


Market Street Cycles sure knows how to pick a location. They ’re situated at the Bermuda Triangle-like confluence of three major bike routes. They laud their own “fast, professional service and sales.” And they’re certainly responsive to customer feedback, as they’ve replied to every Google Local Guides review, demonstrating a rare level of attentiveness, even for a friendly neighborhood bike shop.

In his glowing review, Grey De Grissom gives the Market Street team a thumbs up for helping a local cyclist out in his time of need: “These guys are awesome, very friendly and professional. One time someone stole my bike lock and they allowed me to borrow one temporarily.”

Poet William Golding wrote, “The journey of life is like a man riding a bicycle.” Live life in The City to the fullest at the best bike shops around SoMa!


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