December 3, 2016

Best Bakeries in SOMA

Best Bakeries in SOMA

While we are almost in the middle of another busy holiday season, it is easy to imagine all the delicious baked goods that are about to be enjoyed. Living in SOMA means there are so many delectable bakeries to enjoy all of your favorite treats.

This week’s blog is all about our favorite bakeries in the beautiful city of SOMA:

The Cake Gallery: This bakery is a SOMA landmark, a Long-standing bakery that offers a broad range of custom cakes for special occasions in a beautifully snug interior. The Cake Gallery does it all, from simple birthday cakes to fancy custom designs and even X-rated cakes! Whenever you bring a cake from this bakery to any type of soiree, people always ask where it came from!

Whole Cakes: People love this bakery because there is nothing more satisfying than a tasty slice of cake that is also somewhat good for you. Whole Cakes only uses organic and farm fresh ingredients, which makes their cakes so light and so fresh it’s almost like eating creamy puffs of vanilla clouds. You’ll never feel regretful about eating too much sugar or fat with Whole-cakes.  

Mariposa Baking Company: This bakery is a gold mine for anyone you know who needs to eat only gluten free. Mariposa has yummy pastries, sandwiches, and tons of items that are often difficult to find gluten free. It’s a fun stop if you’re heading to the farmer’s market on Saturdays, so buy a small bottle of wine and dine out on the docks!

Cafe Madeleine- This is the best little French Patisserie in all of SOMA.  The breads are made with all the due care that is synonymous with French pastry work. The food at Cafe Madeleine is also great– lovely sandwiches that are like a breath of fresh air and huge, gorgeous salads made with only the freshest, tastiest ingredients
Living in SOMA means that is it is very easy to enjoy all types of cuisines, but especially delicious baked goods. Which is your favorite bakery in SOMA?


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