January 30, 2018

The Best Alternative Fitness Gyms in SoMa

Hitting the gym these days means more than just lifting a few dumbbells and taking a jog around the block. The fitness world is changing. Some of the changes have come with a change in perspective—the body isn’t a machine, but a work of art. And so, more holistic activities that call upon not only strength and endurance, but also your balance, poise, and flexibility have come into vogue.

Let’s take a tour of some of the best alternative fitness gyms in SoMa!


Body movement is a performance art. Acting, dancing and even boxing or baseball all have a certain grace that makes these activities such a joy to view and even more fun to do. The same can certainly be said of pole dancing.

San Francisco Pole and Dance has a manifesto that vows its members will “grow together – uplifting each other with encouragement and unconditional support.” Among their core principles are community, truth, progression, play, and individualism. There’s a boost in self-esteem that comes with working out and performing. SF Pole & Dance tries to create a positive and supportive environment for your personal transformation to take place.


The fitness benefits of rock climbing have been known for some time. Rock climbing walls were once a novelty but now they have become commonplace in high-end gyms. Mission Cliffs, near SoMA, is San Francisco’s oldest climbing gym. Even so, they boast their combination of new and old. They are “constantly renovated and updated to remain an industry leader.” They offer a range of classes for the elderly, kids, and everybody in between.


Let your workout take flight at Aerial Artique. Their series of classes include aerial silks, acro-yoga and an open gym for free play. The kind of fitness Aerial Artique offers may be the least familiar to some of you. The growing workout trend “consists of a proper cardiovascular warm-up and flexibility training and is followed by guided technique instruction.” The artistic, performance aspect of body movement is certainly emphasized here. Every Cirque du Soleil acrobat has to start somewhere!

You’re not a robot. The body is a living work of art. Drop the mechanical, repetitive motions in the weight room and celebrate movement with these holistic fitness routines at SoMa’s best alternative gyms!


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